Coming to America

Are you ready to open in the USA?
We can help.

The western world's largest economy has a $150bn staffing industry. With a shared language and few barriers to entry, European recruitment companies perceive major gains from transatlantic expansion.

The simple reality is that running a staffing company in the US is far more complicated than it seems.

The US is a completely different legal and cultural environment, governed by laws and conventions that bear no relation to the UK and Europe. There are Federal laws and State Laws that vary to some degree across all fifty states. There’s a completely different HR culture, different approaches to finance and reporting and even different expectations when it comes to sales and networking.

The fastest way to get up and running in the US is to have a partner on the ground who knows everything that you need to know and can help you and your team to navigate that difficult first year.

The stakes are high. One mistake can see you facing serious litigation, and having to reassess everything you’re trying to accomplish. That’s where we can help.

SBPM has 10 years experience working within the US recruitment industry. A team of staffing industry veterans from sales, recruitment, account management, health and safety and operations. Our team has an expert understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this marketplace.

If you’re thinking of making this move, talk to us first. There’s a lot you need to understand, and we can help you see the big picture.


"In a young business, everything is about how you use your time."

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