Meet the team – Joris Verbeek

This week, we catch up with SBPM Director Joris Verbeek, who overseas operations from our HQ in Houston.

Joris Verbeek founded SBPM Partners in late 2016. In its first iteration involved consulting with a variety of staffing oriented companies, mainly around multi company collaboration.

“We helped MSPs to understand how to work better with agencies,” says Joris. “We brought small staffing companies together to take on large projects.”

“Having worked for one of the largest staffing companies in the world, managing some of their largest global clients I learned a lot about what it takes to find a balance between client relations & delivery.”

Joris is a genuine global citizen. The son of an engineering professional with an American company, he and his family spent years living in the Middle East and Europe, before coming home to Houston in 2014. Along the way he spent 20 years in the staffing industry..

It was when he was running a smaller staffing company in the US that Joris really became aware of the difficulties involved with scaling and managing growth. He realized that one of the most central issues was the back office.

“During this period I found it hard to find the right balance between back and front office,” he says.

“No front office means no new business, no back office then there’s no point in trying to build the front. In a large company you easily take it for granted everything you need to grow is in place – as a small company it quickly becomes very clear that you can’t.”

Having gone through steps to grow from and handful of contractors through to over 300 the current SBPM team has built up a lot of experience of the realities facing small companies, or companies looking to grow in the US market.

SBPM went live with its standardized back office process in the middle of 2020 covid crisis and has expanded its abilities significantly since then – always keeping the managing of back office tasks at its core. Now the company employs a full team of specialists with expertise in everything from payroll to international logistics.

“The message for smaller staffing companies trying to achieve growth is a simple one,” says Joris. “Don’t reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to learn all the lessons yourself that have been learned by others over years navigating the US staffing market. We’re so proud of the results our clients have had over the last six years. So if you really want to grow, in the right way, talk to us and find out what the possibilities are.”

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